Microphone and loudspeaker reelers


Microphone and loudspeaker reelers provide precise vertical positioning of microphones and active loudspeakers in theaters, auditoriums, studios, concert and conference halls, and other environments that require a quick vertical microphone or loudspeaker repositioning. Possible applications include sound recording, TV productions and microphones and loudspeakers repositioning as a part of dynamically-reconfigurable acoustics system.

The microphone reeler is available in two modifications: with 16 m and 25 m cable lengths. Other cable lengths are available on request. A professional Starquad microphone cable provides a very high EMI and RFI noise immunity and makes it possible to use the microphone reelers in the most unfavorable electromagnetic conditions, for example in the proximity of lighting equipment. The cable outer diameter may be specified at the point of order. 

For safety purpose, the user can limit the maximum deployment length of the cable that corresponds to the lowest operational position of a microphone. Standard mounting options include grips for fixing the reeler on a 50-60 mm pipe and fixtures to install the reeler on a stage grid. Other fixtures are available on request.

Микрофонная лебедка.png
Cable length 16 or 25 meters
Cable type Microphone StarQuad (four insulated twisted conductors in a common braided copper shield)
Cable diameter 3 mm 
Speed controlled up to 0.5 m/sec
Maximum allowable load weight up to 1 kg
Positioning accuracy +/- 2 cm
Microphone connector type XLR 3 pin, LEMO optionally
Power supply voltage 110-220 V AC, 24 V or 48 V DC optionally. 250 W peak power.
Control In operational mode - from control server. In Service mode - local pushbuttons. Optional, portable backup manual control buttons.
Dimensions 500 х 450 х 170 mm
Weight 33 kg


The loudspeaker reeler is similar by design to the microphone reeler and provides the same control functions. However, it works with a specially-designed cable combining a shielded conductor pair (22 AWG) for the audio signal, an unshielded power feed pair (18 AWG) and a Kevlar core to ensure cable integrity. The maximum load of the cable is 10 kg. The use of the cable complies with all major safety standards. The speaker reeler is available in two modifications: with 16 m and 25 m cable lengths. Other cable lengths are available on request.

Спикерная лебедка.png
Cable length 16 or 25 meters
Cable type Special:
• 22 AWG stranded conductors, shielded for audio
• 18 AWG stranded conductors for power
• Kevlar reinforcement
Cable diameter 8,5 mm
Speed controlled, up to 30 cm/sec
Maximum allowable load weight up to 10 kg
Positioning accuracy +/- 2 cm
Loudspeaker connector type Pheonix Contact 5 pin
Power supply voltage 110-220 V AC, 24 V DC optionally. 350 W peak power.
Control Control In operational mode – from control server. In service mode – local pushbuttons. In operational mode - from control server. In Service made - local pushbuttons. Optional, portable backup manual control buttons.     
Dimensions 700 х 600 х 170 mm
Weight 42 kg

Control system

The reelers are controlled by a special control server via Ethernet network. One control server may control up to 100 reelers.

An additional portable controller (iOS or Android-based tablet) may connect to the server to allow convenient on-site system operation.

The control system includes emergency stop functions to stop the reelers in case of danger. Optional, portable backup manual control buttons.

The control software can be integrated with third-party systems (for example, with dynamically configurable acoustics systems). DMX512 control option is available on request.

• Speed and position control of each reeler separately.

• Speed control of a group of reelers (virtually unlimited number of reeler groups may be created).

• Position presets for individual reelers and groups.

• Groups of presets for different shows.

• Individual names to every reeler, preset and group.

• Using an image (e.g. a floorplan) as a background for the reeler choice interface.

• Zero position calibration and height limit setting.

• Real-time status data for each reeler.

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Movicom is a hi-tech company founded in 2004 by the staff of the mechanics and electronics laboratory of the mechanics scientific research faculty of The Lomonosov Moscow State University for development and production in the field of robotics, mechatronics and management systems. The staff of the company are all graduates of the MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of M.V. Lomonosov, MSTU of N.E. Bauman and other well-known higher education institutions.

In 2017 the Movicom-Reelers subsidiary company specializing in development of microphone, loudspeaker reelers and anagement systems was created. Thus, the company began the development of new professional sound equipment, innovative to the market.

All reelers, as well as other products of the Movicom company, are produced using own production capacities and by Russian partners. Engineers of the company are constantly carefully developing the production cycles. As a result, Movicom products meet the highest international quality standards which are annually confirmed by dozens of regular customers of the innovation products and Movicom company services worldwide.


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